The Battle

Greetings on this first Monday of March!

Today  . . . I have battled all day.  Do you have days like that?  Or weeks? Or months? . . . Should I keep going? 🙂

In this new adventure of mine .. blogging . . .I have hoped that I would be consistent and that I would always have ‘something’ to say.  As you can see, I did not end February well ~ missed the whole last week of blogs.  I don’t like that life gets busy . . and my weakness of procrastination gets the best of me.

So, today my ‘battle’ has been to once again get back on track and ‘accomplish’ things.  But there is this nagging inside of me . . . a discontentment . .  .a ‘did I’ or ‘have I’ made a good decision in this or in that . . . . and my biggest battle of the day . . .”Lord, what would you have me say (blog) today?  What should this month of March hold?”

February seemed easy ~ blog about love . . the many facets of love the Lord has for you . . for me.

Maybe my battle lays in the fact that I’m in that mid-winter funk.  There is much snow outside and I am really ready for it to be gone.

But somehow today as I’ve gone about my day . . the Spirit has been silent in my heart.  Maybe . . today . . in my own little battle . . He wants me to be silent.

March will hold a holiday I cherish very much . . Easter.  It’s also the month we hope to see signs of spring in.  It’s the month that ‘springs’ our clocks forward an hour and we really begin to notice the sunlight hanging around even later into our day.  So many wonderful events this month holds.

But yet, I battle today.

My desire is utter dependence on Him.  I don’t want to speak without His prompting.  I don’t want to forge ahead with something without His wisdom. My heart feels much tension today.

I’m reminded that His mercies are new every morning.

May tomorrow hold new mercies and a fresh stirring of my soul.

That is my pray for you today also.

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