31 Simple Truths 5

God’s Word is full of truth.  Simple truth.

We complicate His Truth too many times. 

Over the next 31 days of October my goal is to post one simple truth from God’s Word and challenge us to choose to believe it and live it.

While each of the Truth’s that I post will be ‘simple’, we will see that they can do battle in us.  Since Adam and Eve’s first act of disobedience, we all have this twinge of doubt that we fight.  Is it really true?  Does God really mean what He says?  Can I really place ALL my trust in Him & His Word?

Join me as we look into both the Old and New Testament for 31 simple truths that if we whole-heartedly believe could radically change our lives. My goal with each post of truth from His Word that I choose will be short ~ I desire to have His Word speak for itself.  His Word will do what it is meant to do in us.  Nothing I will write will do what by His Spirit He can do.  My prayer is that these truths pierce my heart first so that I will make right choices, that my life’s goal will be to live in a way that please Him and that I am drawn into a more passionate love for Him. No matter who reads this … or who follows me … or who comments here …. this 31 day challenge to write about these truths is for the only Audience that truly matter ~ Christ …. my Lord and Savior!

Below you will find each day, it’s title and by clicking on it you can read each Simple Truth.

For His Glory,

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Day 2 ~ You Look Like Your Daddy!

Day 3 ~ Hot Pursuit

Day 4 ~ Fashioned By the Maker

Day 5 ~ The Way

Day 6 ~ Master It

Day 7 ~ On Who’s Authority?

Day 8 ~ Sold Out Love

Day 9 ~ We’re All Dirty

Day 10 ~ “I’m Gonna Get You!”

Day 11 ~ A ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

Day 12 ~ Take the Step

Day 13 ~ The Goal 

Day 14 ~ He Fights for You

Day 15 ~ Separation Anxiety 

Day 16 ~ Fearless

Day 17 ~ An Aroma to God

Day 18 ~ Call to Him 

Day 19 ~ Bad Attitude 

Day 20 ~ Wonderfully~Made

Day 21 ~ Is It Tempting?

Day 22 ~ Steadfast Mind

Day 23 ~ Whatever Is 

Day 24 ~ Can I Have More Please?

Day 25 ~ Immeasurably More

Day 26~ Wise In a Foolish World

Day 27 ~ Why Are We Fighting?

Day 28 ~ Delight

Day 29 ~ Sufficient Grace

Day 30 ~ Mighty to Save

Day 31 ~ Considered Me Faithful

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