Fashioned by The Maker 1

It’s simple …..

Women were FASHIONED … and Men were FORMED

Genesis 2 gives us a bit more details of how God worked at creation.  It tells how man was formed first and how he saw that there was no ‘suitable’ helper for him.  Not one animal that he named matched him at all.

Maybe stop and read Genesis 2 real quick … I’ll wait 🙂

God said that it was not good for man to be alone.  So the first surgery, EVER, was performed, as my friend Camille Cates (who has written a Bible study for young ladies) said.  She points out in her ‘First Love’ study (which you can find at that man did not get to list out what he wanted in this suitable helper. He was given no opportunity to give God his ‘non-negotibles’ in who this new creation was going to be.

Adam slept.  God did all the work.  WHY?

Because THE CREATOR KNEW what He needed to make for Adam.

The word ‘formed’ means ~ to form (seems logical, huh? lol!) The word ‘fashioned’ means ~ to build.

Ladies ….. ladies … ladies …. LET THAT SOAK IN!! (this is may way to strongly plead with you all!)

We were made in a unique way!  The Maker had a specific goal in mind when He built or fashioned us.


Today …. will you join me … on this Holy Sabbath day … this day of rest …

And just pure and simply worship THE MAKER …..

Today …

  • Let’s choose to rejoice in how we have been fashioned by the Maker
  • Let’s make it our goal to please Him by being grateful for the WAY He fashioned each one of us
  • And … let’s passionately pursue loving the Maker who loves us!

Blessings Friends,

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