A Sold-Out Love 1

It’s simple …..

We Are to Love God with EVERYTHING we’ve got!

This command comes to us in both the Old Testament and in the New Testament. But we’re going to look at the command in the Old Testament.

One of my commentaries said this of Deut. 6:4-5 ~ “These two verses are the Shema, a basic statement of the Israelite faith. This command is called by Jesus the greatest in the Law.” (reference listed below)

Deut. says this …

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul an with all your might.

This was God’s basic statement of faith to his chosen people … and it’s the same statement to us.

It’s simple …. or it should be simple.

Just love God with everything you’ve got!

Love Him FIRST!

Love Him MOST!

But so many times … we find our selves loving something else first and most. I found myself there a few years ago.  I was at a Women’s Ministries leadership conference and was able to speak with Lysa Terkeurst. I was struggling in my role as the Women’s Ministries Director at my church and I told her …. “I just LOVE women’s ministries!”

She almost immediately said to me …. “But do you love God more?”

It WAS a Holy Spirit 2×4 moment!!

Out of the my mouth came the overflow of my heart.  I was loving what I was DOING for God MORE than I was just loving God! That was a truly heart revealing moment.  Things had to change in my life … and they did!

I hold whatever I am doing for the Lord with very open hands now.  Now if He were to call me to STOP doing a particular ministry that I’m doing for Him … then I’m going to stop.

So … today …. let’s

  • Choose to love Him first and most!
  • Please Him by obediently following the greatest command!
  • And pursue with a passion an unreserved, wholehearted commitment to love God!

Blessings Friends,

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Bratcher, R. G., & Hatton, H. A. (2000). A handbook on Deuteronomy (p. 138). New York: United Bible Societies.


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