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Welcome to my site!

Thank you for stopping by! This is a new adventure for me! I began late in 2012 with this bright idea to blog! It’s been a slow going process, but I’m hoping that this year lends itself to me being more organized so I have more time to write thoughts and things I’m learning.  I’m still learning how to navigate the world of blogging, so patient is appreciated for this partial perfectionist! (Just a little hint ~ most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing, LOL!)

Why Did I Choose the Name “Simple Sheep”?

First, you must know that I am an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ.  I love to read His Word, spend time meditating on it and studying it, so that I can get to know Him better. In 2012 I was reading a devotional and lingering in His presence when I came across a phrase  that stuck with me for quite a while.  It had a line that said: content to be a simple sheep.

That phrase got me wondering if I was truly a little sheep that was content. See, I have so many ‘things’ that I’d like to do that many times I get overwhelmed and then I’m paralyzed! Some times, some days . . . I want it all! I want a completely clean house, all laundry done, shirts ironed (I’m horrible at this for my hubby! Poor guy!), piles of paper gone through so there are no more, all my counseling notes up-to-date, on track for completely reading through the Bible in a year, and all my UFO’s (unfinished-objects/crafts) finished!! I want to be the Proverbs 31 woman . . .and MORE!

So, content? This little sheep realized she’s not many times.  Sometimes I’m content.  But, if I’m honest, I’m not content more times than I think.

Now you may be asking, “why turn to blogging then if you have so many things you’re trying to do?” Good question.  I love to learn but also find I’m beginning to love mentoring others. . . a lot.  I have found I need an outlet to share what I’ve learned, what I think on and what God is teaching me.  Hence, the birth of this blog!

What Do I Want to Do Here?

Second thing you must know about me and this site is that, I am an unashamed Biblical Counselor. I began this ‘career’ (if you want to call it that) when God, through His Word, healed broken parts of my past. I saw how sufficient Christ and His Word is to heal and restore.  I found a ministry, that I became a leader in, called Healing Hearts Ministries International and they helped to begin my training as a Biblical Counselor. I eventually got my Master’s in Biblical Counseling and have been certified with ACBC ~ Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (previously NANC) since 2010.

I mostly counsel through my home church and meet with many women that struggle, in various ways because of various reasons; but I also see that many of them struggle with being ‘content to be a simple sheep’.  We do not always trust that the Shepherd to lead us.  We think we know better many times. When we do listen, closely and intently, to the voice of the Shepherd, we stay safe, protected and we live a more abundant life ~ mind you, not a trouble free life ~ but an abundant life just like He promised.

I want to share here what I share so much of the time in my Biblical Counseling meetings with women. I also desire to share real, honest life and what He is teaching me in it. I would love to help you meet Jesus (if you never have), help you fall more in love with Jesus, help you look more like Jesus, and help you reach others for Jesus.  Will you join me? 

I’ve Learned Some Interesting Facts About Sheep Recently

I’ve always heard that sheep are stupid, so I decided to investigate that claim.  I found out some pretty interesting things about sheep.  Too many interesting things to mention here . . but let me give you a little teaser ~ Sheep are not as Stupid as we have assumed.  Check out my post here on the rest of what I learned.

Thanks for visiting!

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please go to my Got a Question? page.

And always remember, you can pursue holiness (looking like Christ) while knowing that there is much grace (not getting what you deserve) in God’s economy!

Blessings My Friends . . opps! I mean my fellow Sheep!

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